2012. július 13., péntek

Dream character's 2012 - Team Barrons

Hey there international Barrons fans! I’m happy to inform you that our favorite bookstore-owner and thrillingly enigmatic hero has advanced into the next round in the „Best Male in Books” showdown! He’s currently in the TOP 8 and he’s not going to stop until the finals if it’s up to me. In this round we have to beat down Peeta from the Hunger Games series. How hard could it be for Barrons, huh?
Anyway if you would like to show your love for Barrons you can vote too! Help us name Barrons Hungary’s most loved male book character!
You can place your vote in the spreadsheet below. Here are the instructions for those who doesn’t speak Hungarian. Is there anyone? :D
 To the first field goes your name, then to the second your e-mail address. Now you’re ready to choose your candidate. That should be Barrons… just sayin’.
Please follow our rules, or your vote will be deleted. You can only vote once in a round per duel. Your vote is valid only if you give us your name and e-mail address. Don’t worry, we do not keep your information, or forward it to any third party. They will all be deleted after the contest. You can place your vote until 15th July 11:59 p.m.!
Thank you for your vote!
If you feel like it you can check out the other 3 duels as well. The text is hungarian, but the spreadsheets are all the same. You can see them here:

Thank you for showing your appreciation to our cause and to Barrons! Stay tuned for the next round!

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